CM91 Safe


CM91 Safe

Finn-Power CM91 SAFE has the same capacity as in CM91 with added electric safeguard and motor brake. Safeguard opens only after blade rotation has stopped.

Service free electrical brake stops the blade in only 3 seconds.

Electrical pusher movement adjusts pusher speed automatically providing optimal cutting speed for every hose and preventing blade overheating.

The blade can be sharpened when necessary.
The cutter has a built-in bin for collecting cutting waste.

Control Models
No other models available
Standard Features Options
Toothed blade (part no 705179)
Foot pedal
Adjustable electric pusher speed
Adjustable hose support
Motor brake *

* Motor Brake
Maintenance free electric motor brake enables
fast stopping of blade rotation.
Measuring table (1,5 m segments) (part no 705605)
Fume extractor (part no 720460)
Smooth blade (part no 706298)
Technical Data
Max. hose size (inch) 3
Diameter (blade) external 650x4
Diameter (blade) internal 42
Max. hose OD 120
Exhaust outlet OD (mm) 125
Motor Power (KW/HP) 11.0 / 15.0
Velocity, 50Hz 2900
Velocity, 60Hz 3480
mm 1400x702x1614
inch 55.1x27.6x63.5
kg/lbs 275/605