The most common problem in hose production is incorrect cutting length.
Finn-Power CM75QT has been designed to solve that problem.
CM75QT eliminates human mistakes.

CM75QT quality table has been equipped with automatic servo motor
based measuring device with extreme accuracy.

Fast measuring reduces the cutting cycle time dramatically and enables
fast return on investment.

CM75QT is equipped with touch-control which enables connectivity
and job queues.

CM75QT also available as SAFE-model.

Control Models
No other models available
Standard Features Options
Toothed blade (part no 12251)
Foot pedal
Adjustable pneumatic pusher speed
Adjustable hose support
Measuring table (6 metre)
Measuring table (2 m segments) (part no 692091)
Fume extractor (part no 691992)
Smooth blade (part no 055201)
Safeguard (SAFE-model)
Motor brake (SAFE-model)
Technical Data
Max. hose size (inch) 2
Diameter (blade) external (mm) 520x4
Diameter (blade) internal (mm) 38
Max. hose OD (mm) 71
Exhaust outlet OD (mm) 103
Motor Power (kW/HP) 7.5 / 10.0
Velocity, 50Hz (rpm) 2840
Velocity, 60Hz (rpm) 2840
DIMENSIONS (LxWxH) with 6m table
mm 7134x1080x1330
inch 280.8x42.5x52.3
kg/lbs 920/2024