Nut & Cable



CC22 comes in both a table-top or ergonomic Z-configuration. The CC22 is built
for Serial Production use. By design, the constant centerline crimping enables
easy part-positioning.

The Z-configuration, with the crimping head and hydraulic unit all separate, makes
the CC22 ideal for automatic line use. For automation it can be equipped with
an optional Automatic Greasing Unit, enabling an interruption-free operation
combined with long maintenance intervals and ensuring ultimate accuracy.

Control Models
ICC Standard
Standard Features Options
Electric backstop device (part no 691562)
Pressure crimping ICC1
Step crimping ICC2
QuickChange-tool (part no 691043)
Foot pedal (part no 691563)
Tool table with QuickChange-tool (part no 714065)
Mechanical back stop device (part no 691562/P51MS)
Quality control ICC3
Graphical quality control ICC4
Auto greasing G3
Interface pack ETH (Communication TCP/IP & UDP)
A3 signal
Bar Code Reader BCR
Technical Data
Max crimping dia (mm) ¹ 54
Max crimping dia (inch) ¹ 2.12
Max crimping force (kN) 680
Max crimping force (tonnage) 68
Cycle time 10 mm (s) ² 1.8
Industrial hose size (mm/inch) 54 / 2.12 *
Die set series CC22
Max. opening (mm) ³ +25
Max opening without dies (mm) 109
Master die D/L (mm) 84/52
Master die D/L (inch) 3.31/2.05
Motor Power (kW/HP) 3/4.0
Oil tank volume 35 l / 32 l (Z-model)
Machine (mm) CC22 647x479x735
Machine (inch) CC22 25.4x18.8x28.9
Crimping head (mm) CC22Z 559x572.5x383
Hydraulic unit (mm) CC22Z 597x489x653
Crimping head (inch) CC22Z 22x22.5x15
Hydraulic unit (inch) CC22Z 23.5x19.2x25.7
CC22 130/286
CC22Z 140/308

1) With standard dies. Crimping range can be
increased with special dies.
2) Theoretical with 10mm cycle.
3) Maximum opening is the total die travel. Add
this value to the minimum crimping diameter
of the die set used. The result is the maximum
opening of the machine with die set in place.

Die Set CC22
DieSetNo D (mm) L (mm) Crimp. range (mm)
18315/10 10 50 10.0-12.0
18315/12 12 50 12.0-14.0
18315/14 14 50 14.0-16.0
18315/16 16 50 16.0-19.0
18315/19 19 50 19.0-23.0
18315/23 23 50 23.0-27.0
18315/27 27 50 27.0-31.0
18315/31 31 50 31.0-36.0
18315/36 36 50 36.0-41.0
18315/41 41 50 41.0-47.0
18315/47 47 50 47.0-54.0

In addition to the standard die sets, a wide range of special die sets is available on request.